Douglas Davy

Douglas A Davy was born on a wheat farm in North Dakota. Reading science fiction and his visual energy perceptions seemed perfectly natural to him. He finally became aware, however,  that not everyone saw energy patterns in Nature, and the human auras around people the way he did.



The Attack upon Aryll 8

It’s a race against time King Ospra must now accept, but he is personally torn. Though defeated in its first invasion attempt upon Aryll, the Arian Empire now returns in force and with new weapons.
Ospra must impregnate Orlycia, leave his Queen behind, and facilitate the Crossover Event to lead its winged tribeflock races safely through its dimensional energy portals before the invasion can prevent it.
Ironically, Queen Orlycia must stay behind to birth a son destined to champion final victory over the Arians in the second book of this epic, The Luminous Eggs of Aryll 8.

Dear Alison: A Primer on Personal Energy Development and its Metaphysics or A Compendium of Answers, possibly viable to stick on your refrigerator

This book may be looked on by some as a work of parapsychology, metaphysics, the occult, science fiction, or a parody inspired by some mad experiences from a member of the “OK Boomer” generation. Or that the metaphysical memoir parts of my research into these queries may either be products of the author’s imagination and experiences, and are entirely philosophical until proven by fact, or that any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

The Third Boat Pit

This story is of the THIRD BOAT PIT. It’s set at a time when the adjacent, unopened, and sealed third boat pit is about to be inspected Drilling a small hole through its covering stones to insert a small micro-drone camera, our crack archeological team, led by Dr. Adam Penwood, is about to find out IF the world is ready for what that camera reveals Its discovery begins to unlock everything; beginning with a vital ancient artifact, an impending planetary invasion from the Anunnaki, time travel back to ancient Atlantian times, and extra-terrestrial combat- shattering adventures This book draws researches from Zecharia Sitchin’s 12th Planet, The Anunnaki Chronicals, archeology of Ancient Egypt and Sumer, and Doreal’s The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean.

Time Travel to Mysterious Lake Tahoe: The Tempis Fugits Sagas Book Three

In Time Travel to mysterious Lake Tahoe, Jack Campbell, and his companion, Weird Willy must investigate a rare meteoric explosion which has dusted the lake and its inhabitants with a concentrated dose of the mineral, Antis. This same mineral has been responsible for extraordinary effects upon any time traveler who's worn a Martian Medallion forged with only a trace of it. Lucius, the leader and surviving members from the Dark Brotherhood also detect the explosion and are still trying to destroy Jack and his friends. The dusting of Lake Tahoe awakens Tessie, its deep lake creature, to begin unheard of attacks upon humans, awakens the somnambulistic sleep of Chinese bodies and others now healed and preserved beneath the lake's waters.

Time Travel to Phobos: The Tempis Fugits Saga Book 1

FOR SALE - SA-989 Polywarp Time Machine for only 34 ounces of gold (Troy) in coin or ingot form. Cash sale, no questions asked. Conforms to the 2022 Time Travel Device Registration Act and fully licensed for that time forward. Contact "Weird Willy" at Uncle Bill's Bar, Reserve, New Mexico. Sorry - No refunds or warranty.

The Orbs of Phobos: The Tempis Fugits Sagas Book Two

FOR SALE-SA-989 Polywarp Time Machine for only 34 troy ounces of gold in coin or ingot form. Cash sale with no questions asked. Conforms to the 2022 Time Travel Device Registration Act and fully licensed from that time forward. Contact “Weird Willy” at Uncle Bill's Bar, Reserve New Mexico, on the third Friday, of any month, except October or February. Sorry, no refunds or warranty. World Explorer Magazine Jack Campbell has no idea of what he's getting himself into as he answers this ad for the sale of a used time machine. He meets Weird Willy, the seller, in that remote bar in New Mexico...

Short Stories From The Quantum Fields

The Quantum Fields. ”A dimension of sight and sound?” ”Extending from the Inner Mind to the Outer Limits?” The expressed manifestations of the Unseen Forces of the Universe dancing and shining upon Indra’s Web? The expressions of a Matrix of thoughts, and lives, and joys of Consciousness manifesting in the Seen and the Unseen Worlds? Or does it hold and give definition to even these feeble attempts to define it? Let your imagination journey within this kaleidoscope of short stories. It may help to take you, too, into the realms touched by the Quantum Fields.

The Imitation of Darkness: Even in Space Evil Still Lives in the Darkness

Log- A North Dakota farm boy joins the Secret Space Force and fights Evil and pirates amidst the Asteroid Belt.A METAPHYSICAL PARODY OF JOSEPH CONRAD’S HEART OF DARKNESS.Max Lawson loses his family to domestic terrorists. Joining the military to fight these Evils, he is offered a rare opportunity. Max is invited to take part in the 20 and Back program. In deciding to leave the Evils of Earth completely, he’ll spend twenty years of Security Duty in outer space, return back to Earth, time-travel back to the moment of his recruitment, and then be retired honorably with a fat pension.

The Luminous Eggs of Aryll-8

Arian invaders attack the planet Aryll-8, enslaving and torturing the winged natives that communicate in thoughtspeak. Now, after generations of servitude, the tribeflock is near its end, with only an ancient prophecy left to give them hope for a future. Born to Queen Orlycia, Dring is chosen to save his nation and the tribeflock. He doesn’t understand why he is the chosen one, and more troubling — he doesn’t know where the portal to the next dimension is located. Young Dring learns it’s not easy being a living god, especially when your entire race looks to you for their salvation and lead his people to a place of peace and freedom.